Thursday, September 7, 2017

Never lose your phone again!! (Video)

Ever had the situation where you had forgotten where you kept your phone? Happens to the best of us. This new application SpeCam helps you locate your phone by telling you exactly which surface it is kept on. No additional hardware is required but it requires the phone to be kept face down. The application can be linked to a computer where you can check anytime where your phone is kept. See it in action:

The applications of such an app is tremendous in near future. Here are a few hypothetical situations where it can be useful:
1) Detection of impurities in metal like gold, silver, etc. Will make buying them super easy with peace of mind.
2) Games which uses this tech to make it more realistic. Maybe a game to find a specific random material near your surroundings in quickest time amongst your friends.
3) Playing music when kept on a specific surface.
4) Telling the content of air if it is hazardous or low on oxygen.
5) Possibly aiding in search of life on other planets or water too.

It is not currently available commercially but should soon be out. What will you do if you have access to this tech let us know in comments.