Friday, September 15, 2017

High time for musical robots and AI generated music (video)

The day is not far when robots will start playing music which humans would actually love. There has been many tries at producing electronic music programmatically.

Back in 2016 Google had filed a patent for electronic musical instrument which should be capable of synthesize the notes of clarinet, guitar or piano. Subsequently they released a (download link) 90 sec piano tones generated by neural networks. The drums and orchestra were added later on manually to make the tones richer.

And now robots has been made to actually play the real instruments. 'Automatica' is a software driven robot capable of precisely moving it's arms on instruments to create bass, play drums or piano. The robots not only play artistically they even smash the instruments when fed up with the system. Watch the video released by Nigel Stanford:

They are going to produce an entire album made completely by AI. The following gif summarises the video:

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