Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Ground realities for your plant

Planting a sampling is a pure joy. To see it grow successfully is even more so. Don't let the bad soil go soiling your plant. Here is how to condition the soil the right way:
1) Check drainage. Be it in your pot, in park or elsewhere the bare minimum for a plant to survive is drainage.
a) If you plant anywhere with no drainage chances are that you will end up with a murky looking thing, smelly and about to die.
b) if the water drains too fast be sure to add organic material to slow it down. Usually rocky/coarse sand drains to fast.
2) Dig up the area so that fresh soil from below comes up which is rich in nutrients and also loosen up the earth which provides better movement for roots.
3) The pH of the soil should be neutral about 6 to 8. If it is acidic add in limestone regularly and if alkaline then add gypsum or sulphur.
4) Don't overload the fertilizer. Rule of thumb is not to put in the hole you are using to seed. It should be done after planting from top.

If you would like to go in depth do visit Wikihow.