Friday, August 25, 2017

Belgium yearly event eggelent!! (Video)

For the past 22 years the Belgian city of Malmedy observes the traditional festival of making a gaint omelette on August 15 (coincidentally also the Independence Day of India) By gaint we mean freaking 10000 eggs gaint!!!  Tossed in with bacon and herbs in a four meter wide pan.

Organized by the world fraternity of Knights of the gaint omelette the festival sees thousands of people gathering in town Square of Malmedy every year. Despite the scare of fipronil, which is moderately toxic and can cause organ damage, this year too the event was success. Benedicte Kathy, the president of local fraternity, assured that these eggs were safe to use and taken from farms which are regularly checked and tested.

The best part the omelette is served to anyone and everyone FREE of cost. Have a look at the video posted by Associated Press on YouTube: