Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Android Oreo Launched!!

Just 7 hours ago Android Oreo has been launched. Following are the new features:-
1) Picture-in-picture - As the name may have you believe this isn't about pictures it's about having multiple apps running together. More like checking calender while on a video call, as the originator Google website says.
2) New emoji - A brand new set of 60 emojis comes with the new Android.
3) Faster boot up - Android Oreo boots up twice as fast as Nougat on Pixel. What this means is that loading time has been significantly reduced and restarting phone will be a quickie.
4) No installations - The apps you search or like anew won't be needed to be installed. With Android Instant Apps, just give required permissions and delve into the app directly. This one is but confusing though, will have to wait till we actually use it.
5) Speed improvements - Apps have being given a seamless integration to hardware which helps one to use the phone resources in efficient manner increasing the speed at which apps operate.
6) Security updated - Comes with all new and powerful security features. Google Play Protect has been built in.
7) Notifications - Now notifications from various apps will be shown through dots on top of them itself. Easier/better will judge when we actually use it.
8) Better battery usage - Perfect management of background apps so as to retain the battery for longer.

Android 8 aka Oreo is here. Yay!!

What feature do you like the most?? And which one does this update not cover... Do share in comments below.

Update: to check if your phone has made the cut check out this post.